Refund Policy

ONKURS SP. Z O.O. suggests you read this Refund Policy with due attention before making your order for our services. It determines your rights for a refund in case of being not satisfied with the order or for other reasons. Each request for a refund is processed by ONKURS SP. Z O.O. with absolute care and skill.

Our Refund Policy concerns only the user`s transactions connected to ONKURS SP. Z O.O. services and does not cover any complementary transactions between the third parties and our users. The refund is possible only through the payment instrument, from which the first transaction was deducted.

We assume to provide proper assistance in case of any issues associated with the refunds. The amounts of the refunds in exceeding the original payment are forbidden.

A refund request can be taken into consideration if only the user follows the Eligibility Criteria. If the conditions are not adhered by the user, ONKURS SP. Z O.O. has the right to refuse the user’s request for a refund.

In pursuance of applying for a refund, it is needed to complete a special refund form and send it to the or to call us by our phone number.

To be sure about the authenticity of the refund request, all the Information should be checked by ONKURS SP. Z O.O., that can appeal for the providing of some details from the user, including identification information: email, phone number, the first and the last name, address and/or other proof that the disputed transaction was made. If the user does not agree to provide such information to ONKURS SP. Z O.O. or in case of the doubts about the accuracy of the provided details, ONKURS SP. Z O.O. can decline the user’s refund request.

A response time of processing user`s refund form varies depending on the reasons for the definite request. Despite everything, ONKURS SP. Z O.O. shall contact the user with the information about the results of the request equivalently to the marked timescales.

In separate cases, the company reserves the right to process a refund without notifying the user.

A refund request is not an assurance that the refund will be processed.

The request for a refund can be reviewed only when it is received within 14 days after the disputed transaction. Every refund request should be provided by completed refund form, which must be sent to with 'Refund Request’ in the subject line.

ONKURS SP. Z O.O. processes the refund using the same means of payment used by the user originally.

ONKURS SP. Z O.O. reserves the right to pay back only the last transaction; the first transaction the user makes by himself. The client confirms the conditions written on the website ticking the checkboxes before making the first transaction.

ONKURS SP. Z O.O. can make only a partial refund; we decide it individually examining each refund request.

Cash refunds are not provided by ONKURS SP. Z O.O.; the refunds are not performed by the company, on behalf of the company the refunds are performed by an authorized billing service.

Within the limits of 14 days from making the refund form receipt, ONKURS SP. Z O.O. shall contact the user regarding additional information which can help to identify the user`s profile with the disputed transaction. The user also should provide requested information no later than 14 days following such request.

We inform our users by mail with the decisions regarding the refund requests:

  • in 5 business days after the obtaining needed additional information which was requested;
  • in 5 business days after the obtaining the refund request form if no additional information was requested.

We make refunds for 14 days starting from the day when we make a resolution that the user is approved to get a refund. We are always ready to help you, that's why we expect that every user of ONKURS SP. Z O.O. services will contact us with a view to solve any problem with his/her transactions connected to the services we provide before submitting a chargeback from the Issuing Bank.

ONKURS SP. Z O.O. can close the user's account and forbid user's funds in the process of the chargeback investigation.

The company reserves the right to use the services of third parties to process received chargebacks.

The company can request and use extra information from the issuing bank in case of receipt of chargeback.

Any additional fees associated with currency exchange, commissions of the issuing bank or any other commissions that are related to the payment are non-refundable.

The user does not have the possibility to be refunded in case of submitting a chargeback.

ONKURS SP. Z O.O. reserves the right to change its Refund Policy periodically if there were any changes in legislation. The client should check this page to be aware of any changes.

If the corrected Refund Policy is not accepted by the user, there is no possibility for him/her to use ONKURS SP. Z O.O. services further.

Different losses (direct/indirect, special/incidental) or damages, including lost profits connected to the ONKURS SP. Z O.O. services are not under our control.